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Is it just me, or does it seem like older generations love to pick apart the way we run our love lives? It's like everything about how we date and have sex is "wrong" in their eyes — from our reliance on dating apps to meet people to our alleged affinity for hookup culture — but in reality, how Millennials have sex compared to past generations isn't wrong Nobody has to face another human being to rent adult videos. With more information, we are more picky with our partners and have higher expectations. Since some of us grew up with access to the internet and smartphones in our pockets, the way we learned about sex and relationships is inherently different than past generations. Sure, some of us still got "The Talk" from our parents, but we could also later Google "where is the clitoris" or "what does an orgasm feel like" instead of having to rely on our parents for those intimate details.
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3 generations

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Generations in Canada

Some of my most viral articles this past year had to do with the great debate of whether Millennials are entitled all the time , or just some of the time. Older generations and younger generations have been at odds since the beginning of time. Older generations tend to like how things were always done. Younger generations want to throw everything out the window and start anew. However, I'm starting to notice that members of older generations are starting to change the conversation--and Millennials too, are starting to realize they don't really know what they don't know. For a while now, the concept of working remote has been frowned upon. There's something about it that's seen as illegitimate, or that you're not good enough to get a "real job.
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Josh Brolin shares adorable 'three generations' photo with dad and daughter

It's also a gathering place, where people from all over the area come for the fun as well as the food. So, for good food and a good time, stop by and see us! Are you having a get together , company meeting, party, picnic or any other special occasion? Need help planning your function or just have questions? Just call and ask.
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A new study led by a researcher at the Stanford University School of Medicine shows that mammalian species can "choose" the sex of their offspring in order to beat the odds and produce extra grandchildren. In analyzing 90 years of breeding records from the San Diego Zoo, the researchers were able to prove for the first time what has been a fundamental theory of evolutionary biology : that mammals rely on some unknown physiologic mechanism to manipulate the sex ratios of their offspring as part of a highly adaptive evolutionary strategy. The results applied across different species. The scientists assembled three-generation pedigrees of more than 2, animals and found that grandmothers and grandfathers were able to strategically choose to give birth to sons, if those sons would be high-quality and in turn reward them with more grandchildren. The process is believed to be largely controlled by the females, Garner said.

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